Gummidipoondi, Chennai, TN - India
+91 76049 15438
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Gummidipoondi, Chennai, TN - India
+91 76049 15438
Mon-Sat 9.30 AM - 6 PM

Wire Annealing

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Wire Annealing Furnace

Tempering involves heating of steel that will be quenched and hardened for an adequate period of time so that the metal can be balanced equally. Tempering is a process where metal will be precisely heated to below the critical temperature, often in air, a vacuum, or inert atmospheres. Tempering will change the properties like ductility, hardness, strength, structural stability and toughness. The exact temperature will vary according to the amount of hardness that needs to be reduced. Higher temperatures will result into high ductility, but low strength and hardness. Low tempering temperatures will produce low ductility, but more strength and hardness. So tempering process will produce the desired level of hardness and strength. This operation is performed on all carbon steels that have been hardened, in order to reduce their brittleness, so that they can be used effectively in required applications.

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