Our company has earned great laurels with Sealed Quench Furnace. A sand-tray beneath where molten metal is poured contains any spillage. There are tiles which are situated around the work chamber. It consists of a casting facility, in which metal is melted in a pot inside a furnace, before being poured into a mould, usually constructed from sand.

    Features :
  • Many chambers
  • Good load bearing capacity
  • Superb temperature control

    Applications :
  • Metal industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Industrial and commercial use
  • Gas carburizing , Carbonitriding , Hardening , Annealing , Normalizing ,Tempering

    Sealed quench furnace will be used in following industries :
  • Aircraft industry
  • Aircraft engine components and aircraft undercarriages
  • Automotive industry
  • Gearbox components and drive axles (shafts, gears, etc)
  • Machine building industry
  • Drive axles, gear wheels, toothed rings, hydraulic and pneumatic elements, bolts, etc.
  • Bearing industry
  • Bearing rings



The multipurpose bunch type chamber heater plants or Sealed Quench Furnaces has changed the heat treatment industry over the most recent couple of decades because of its adaptability, simple combination in programmed treatment lines, giving adaptability of metallurgical procedures, item blend and format, with greatest quality warmth treatment as far as dependability, consistency and redundancy. These plants are ordinarily combined with friend hardware like Preheating and Tempering Furnaces, Washing Machines, Stationary Table, Scissor Lifts and completely computerized at least one Charge Transfer Cars-all intended for most extreme dependability.

Our organization is counted among the reliable manufacturers of Quenching Furnace. These furnaces we offer are developed by a team of deft experts employing technologically latest machines and tools to meet the diverse demands and requirements of the clients, we offer these equipments in different sizes and specifications at market leading rates and on time deliveries.

* Size : Internal Size
* Capacity : Kgs/Tons
* Temperature : °C
* Heating Media : Oil/Gas/Electrical.

* Therelek’s sealed quench furnace line consists of preheating and tempering furnaces, washing machines, stationary table, hydraulic lifts and charge transfer systems.
* One can use our sealed quench furnace for various applications like case hardening and carburizing, carbonitriding, normalizing, annealing, ferritic nitro carburizing, annealing and stress relieving.
* Components generally used are gears, shafts, bearings, fasteners, tools, castings, forgings, agricultural machinery components, construction and precision machinery components.
* Heating system can be electrically heated or gas fired
* Different capacity and batch sizes available to suit optimum production requirement
* Furnace walls and hearth are brick lined to ensure minimum heat loss and low skin temperature
* Our sealed quench furnace has pneumatic operated doors with wedge locking in the front and stainless steel inner casing.
* Horizontal locking cylinders in the rear door ensures maximum sealing
* An enclosed drive system with chains made of anti carburising alloy used in the charge transfer from heating to quenching chamber
* Hydro pneumatically operated quench elevator and inner door provide smooth shudder-free movement and trouble free operation
* Full automatic operation through latest control systems and PLCs
* Extremely safe and simple to operate and maintain