Our company is one of the renowned name of Pusher Type Furnace. They are available in either electric powered or gas-fired models and are highly productive because they heat the work load capacity rapidly thereby minimizing the cycle time. These can also be used to handle very heavy, dense loads which results in the maximizing of the output in a very compact, efficient package.

    Features :
  • Foolproof loading
  • Recirculating convection heating
  • Separate fan and heater

    Applications :
  • Metal industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Industrial and commercial use

    Specifications :
  • Capacity: 550 kg
  • Temperature: 1000°C



For applications requiring advanced Pusher Furnaces for continuous production, JR Furnace has a large family of standard and customizable solutions. These furnaces are designed for the tight control of temperature and atmosphere necessary for processes with long residence times that require exact control. Our systems can safely operate in air, hydrogen, inert and most reducing gas environments. Our focus is on systems that offer the greatest operating life, lowest operating cost, and highest efficiency in your production line. To achieve that, all our furnaces are designed and built in the USA, and have been for over 70 years.

All our pusher furnace designs incorporate high grade alumina fiber or brick insulation, heavy duty heating elements, and advanced wall construction designs for a long lifetime of low maintenance operation. Our 400A Series utilizes exposed molybdenum grid elements and high alumina insulating brick for our standard temperature range 1880°C (3415°F). The 400Z Series employ exposed tungsten rod elements and zirconia insulating brick for temperatures to 2200°C (3990°F). Another unique furnace in JR Furnace line is the JR Furnace 500 series that are ideal for phosphor processing among other applications. These pushers are available in single or double configurations depending on throughput requirements. They can be used for either inert or inert/reducing atmosphere applications. Typical configurations of our pusher furnaces include preheat sections, cooling sections and various optional features offered for specific applications.

We are one of leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Pusher Type Furnace in showcase, satisfying shifted prerequisites of our clients. Our comprehensive quality check techniques guarantee us to give best quality links to our customers. We offer them in numerous sizes and plan as per needs of clients. Our items are exceptionally requested in the market for their exact measurements and strength which we give in reasonable costs.