Roller Hearth Furnace Manufacturers in India

Bogie Hearth Furnace Manufacturers in India


Roller Hearth Furnaces are an extremely flexible, proficient design, for the most part utilized for list moving of work load baskets. They can likewise be set up in a swaying design for long warming cycles on long stock, for example, pipe, tubing, strip, and pieces. The roller hearth can likewise deal with overwhelming burdens in high volumes on the grounds that the moves empower smooth development of individual transporters, not at all like pusher furnaces which depend on driving a long queue of base plate against one another to accomplish development of the product.

This style of furnace can be constant or ordering on a fixed interim or can worked by means of forward/invert swaying set up to achieve a specific time-temperature cycle. In the event that adequate floor space is accessible, a roller hearth furnace can achieve a multi- step procedure, for example, stress help including warmth, drench and cool advances, moving the product in a nonstop way.

By utilizing an ordering framework the impression can be a lot littler on the grounds that the hearth propels one container at any given moment through the means. In the sway set up sort, a long burden is moved into the furnace chamber, its entryways shut, at that point the framework wavers to shield the rollers from hanging and when the time- temperature cycle has been finished, the heap is immediately controlled out of the furnace chamber.


* Alloy Steels
* Carbon Steels
* Carbon Steels (HSLA)
* Stainless Steel

* Annealing
* Bright Annealing
* Heat Treatment
* Heating For Hot Working
* Malleabilizing
* Normalizing
* Preheating
* Reheating
* Reheating For Hot Working
* Stress Relieving
* Tempering

* Bars
* Brass
* Carbon Steel
* Casting
* Cylinders
* Forgings
* Lamination Annealing
* Truck Frame Channels
* Tubes/Bars

* Continuous Type Furnace

* SCADA System, Level II Automation
* Automation & Material Handling Solutions

* Remarkable insulation
* Compact design
* Controlled atmosphere operation
* Automatic operation with Programme Logic Control

* Operating temperature (deg C): 400 to 900

To suit (custom-built) user’s requirement Version: Gas/ Electric-heated

Roller Hearth Furnaces are perceived for low vitality utilization, temperature consistency and dependable execution. Roller Hearth Furnaces are specially crafted to suit the client's particular application and can be utilized for fluctuated applications, for example, stress calming, annealing, normalizing, hardening, and treating of cylinders, plates, flats, sheets, and so forth. These furnaces are exceptionally intended for activity with nitrogen, exothermic or endothermic environment with accentuation on low defensive climate gas utilization.

* Low utility utilization per ton prepared
* Greatest warming up rate
* Harm free transport through the facility
* Least temperature distinction at end of soaking time
* Most brief generally facility length
* Most noteworthy conceivable cooling slopes
* Heavy-duty design for a long service life
* Counteractive action of contortion during extinguishing
* Easy to maintain
* Most reduced discharges
* Calm activity