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Roller Hearth Furnace is a industrial furnace where stacked things are heated in a protected car that is turned out of the furnace on rollers or chutes, guided by rails or a grooved way. A crane is utilized to load and empty things for handling on the car, or roller hearth. Sand or water are utilized to seal holes between the roller hearth and the dividers so as to diminish the admission of air into the furnace.

Ordered by their method of activity, roller-hearth furnaces have a place with the class of chamber furnaces. Roller-hearth furnaces are from 1.2 m to 6.4 m wide and from 2.5 m to 40 m long. They are warmed by gas or fluid energizes, utilizing burners or spouts connected along the length of the dividers in a couple of columns at the tallness of the furnace. Roller- hearth furnaces work at working temperatures extending from 500°C to 1150°C. They are utilized to heat treat things before fashioning or rolling.


Pipes, bars and other semi-completed products produced using carbon and low alloyed steel, including wire coils, are ending up progressively significant all through industry. Roller hearth furnace plants can be utilized to treat a wide scope of products which are utilized in every single industrial division. Practical, vitality proficient heat treatment plants are basic to meet the developing prerequisites looked by materials, for example, weight decrease without relinquishing quality and different properties in the vehicle business, and to deliver enormous amounts of materials required all through the world.

The heat treatment is a basic stage in the generation and handling of pipes and banishes produced using carbon and low alloyed steel. This heat treatment is chiefly done in roller hearth furnaces, which may either be electrically heated or gas-fired. The fundamental heat treatment forms under defensive gas air in a roller hearth furnace plant are bright annealing in mix with

• Stress relief
• Re-crystallization
• Normalizing
• Tempering
• Spheroidizing
• Solution Annealing
• Subcritical Annealing
• Isothermal Annealing

Roller hearth furnace plants with a defensive controlled environment are utilized to forestall undesirable responses, for example, the oxidation or nitrification of the charge material in air or waste gas and along these lines accomplish the most elevated prerequisites. Different elements of our controlled air plants, particularly for the treatment of carbon and low alloyed steel, incorporate the production of lessening conditions and additionally carbon action (the carburization or decarburization of the surface layer).

The controlled airs comprise of unbiased or latent constituents. Nonetheless, they may contain receptive parts for procedure reasons.The nonpartisan or latent segment is for the most part nitrogen. The dynamic or receptive parts are predominantly carbon monoxide mixes in which hydrogen is a basic component.

• Low utility consumption per tonne processed
• Maximum heating up rate
• Damage- free transport through the facility
• Minimum temperature difference at end of soaking time
• Shortest overall facility length
• Highest possible cooling gradients
• Heavy-duty design for a long service life
• Prevention of distortion during quenching
• Easy to maintain
• Lowest emissions
• Quiet operation

The roller furnaces are ordinarily utilized for high temperature treatments of substantial parts in contrast with work belt conveyor furnaces, seeing that the last have a constrained yield moment that it boils down to overwhelming burdens and high temperatures. Another favorable position of the roller furnaces is that they give extraordinary vitality investment funds since there is no transport to be warmed. The rollers are ordinarily made of artistic material which have extraordinary mechanical opposition at working temperatures and constrained redirection. Roller furnaces are chiefly utilized in the metal powder sintering sector, in quick steel treatments, in solution heat-treatment of stainless steel stamped objects, for example, sinks, food containers, basins, saucepans, and so on.

• Hardening, Quenching and Tempering lines
• Solution Heat Treatment equipment
• Small batch furnaces with automated load/unload
• High temperature roller hearth lines
• Aging
• Annealing
• Hardening
• Tempering
• Reheat
• Normalizing
• Stress Relieving
• Curing

• Roller hearth heaters are intended to meet your heat treating necessities precisely and financially
• There's a wide scope of sizes and sorts of electric or fuel-terminated warming frameworks with coordinated cooling segments and framework parts, for example, charge and release tables, extinguish frameworks, cooling hardware and loaders
• Experienced/experts select the correct mix to meet your generation cycle and application necessities
• We guarantee that you get a furnace of ideal structure for high caliber, expanded creation with least speculation and working expenses
• No cooling water necessity
• Given to temperatures up to 927ºC (1,700ºF)
• Heartbeat firing ignition frameworks

• PROCESS: continuous furnaces for tubes, bars, wire and forged parts. Annealing, normalizing, quench and tempering, stress reliving and heat treatment in controlled atmosphere.
• MATERIALS: tubes, bars, wire and forged parts
• HEATING: gas fired -: natural gas
• MAX TEMPERATURE: da 700 a 1.200 °C
• BURNERS: - open flame - radiant tubes
• APPLICATION: energy, nuclear, oil & gas, aerospace and automotive industry
• ACCESSORIES: loading and unloading automatic system
• COOLING: cooling section by water jacked chambers. Forced cooling section
• CONTROL: automation and supervision system for the complete control of the plant