Bogie Hearth Furnace Manufacturers in India


A pusher-type furnace works semi-consistently and is described by high throughput rates and greatest heat transfer capacity. Cold pieces are pushed into the furnace where they at first slide on transporter rails, at that point on a balancing surface to the release end. Run of the mill issues concerning the heating procedure are the piece heating rate, the quantity of burners required and the impact of the transporter rails on the slide marks, for example the nearby temperature distribution, in the chunk.

A pusher type furnace is a consistent heater idea that permits preparing of little and enormous product in plate and containers. The hearth comprises of a progression of steel, alloy or clay slide type supports. For help of overwhelming burdens, composite rollers can be consolidated into the hearth or onto the plate to lessen the pushing powers required. Heaters can be given in electric, direct terminated and roundabout gas terminated arrangements to meet explicit handling necessities.

Pusher type furnace are utilized in metallurgy and machine working to heat metal work pieces for hot pressure forming or heat treatment. Heaters of this type can type work pieces inside a wide temperature go (400°–1400°C).

This furnace design has proved itself as being especially appropriate for the continuous treatment of parts under a protective gas environment. The amazingly steady hearth structure is designed for high burden loads. With single-, twofold or triple-push setups and free and additionally press quenching abilities, JR Furnace Pushers will drive your parts through the full carburizing and nitriding procedures including preheating, washing, tempering and cooling, all in a completely robotized, "lights-out" system with customized formats to meet your requirements.

Multi-track designs offer high production flexibility, in light of the fact that each track can move work pieces at various pusher speeds (process durations) to consider fluctuating case hardening depths. Vitality productive plans, for example, the Lock-Up system and Eco Fire system are likewise available.

⦁ High operational safety through durable design
⦁ Very even circulation of the protective air in view of the great distribution
⦁ Ideal repeatability
⦁ Cost-efficient solution for treating large throughput volume
⦁ Multi-push systems for adaptable handling
⦁ Designed for bottom loading front door to save energy
⦁ Floor mounted oil quench tanks eliminate the requirement for expensive pits

⦁ Metal Injection Molding
⦁ Lighting
⦁ Powder Metals
⦁ Debinding/Delube
⦁ Refractory Metals
⦁ Bright Firing
⦁ Annealing
⦁ Brazing
⦁ Sintering
⦁ Heat Treating
⦁ Nuclear Fuel industry

⦁ Reaction rates
⦁ Wall temperatures
⦁ Off gas temperatures
⦁ Cooling water temperatures

Pusher type furnaces for gas carburization are economical because of their persistent activity and their superior yield. Other huge favorable circumstances of these plants are the phenomenally high reproducibility of the heat treatment results, the insignificant labor required, just as their clear mechanization limit. Gas carburization pusher type furnaces are utilized any place large production amounts of parts require heat treatment, for example, the car business, the equipment manufacturing industry or the agricultural and construction machinery industry.

⦁ Hardening
⦁ Carburizing
⦁ Carbonitriding
⦁ Tempering
⦁ Stress relieving

⦁ Roller bearing components
⦁ Standard parts
⦁ Cold formed parts
⦁ Electronic components
⦁ Automotive parts
⦁ Gear parts
⦁ Machine construction