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Bell Furnace a clump worked heat-treatment furnace in which items are warmed under a portable arch. It is utilized for heat treatment of sheet and light-area moved items in a controlled vaporous medium. Bell furnace are characterized by use (treatment of loops of restricted strip, sheets, bars, etc).

The most widely recognized Bell furnaces are the single-stack and multistack types utilized fortempering loops of cold-moved steel strip. In multistack chime heaters, three to eight stacks,every one of which has its very own stifle for security against the impacts of the sight-seeing and results of ignition, are mounted on a rectangular remain under the warming vault. Each stack is 3–5 m high and contains three to five curls with an all out weight of as much as 180 tons. The vault is warmed by gas or electrical opposition radiators. Endless supply of the warming procedure, the arch is moved by crane to another stand and the items are left to cool under the mutes on the principal stand. Warmth trade under the suppress is strengthened by constrained flow of controlled gas. Cooling is quickened by wetting the stifle with water or blowing cold air over it.

During treatment in a bell furnace the curls of strip are free, with spaces between the loop circles so the gas courses between the circles and streams over the whole surface of the strip, which makes conceivable thermochemical treatment and increasing speed of warming and cooling.


BELL Furnaces is broadly utilized for strengthening of steel coils. The coils can be of steel strips, steel wire or whatever other shape which can be stacked in the heater. The furnace can be electrically warmed, oil terminated or gas terminated. It can likewise be utilized for de- carburizing of Stampings.

Bell Type Furnace is be an adaptable furnace appropriate for black, bright and spherodized annealing of steel and non-ferrous strips, wires and general heat treatment forms upto 1100°c. The furnace is of round and hollow furnace in top hood plan, which is the furnace, kept on the fixed bases in the altered position. An overhead crane of appropriate limit from one base to the base conveys the furnace itself. The Furnace shell will be of powerful development appropriately fortified with moved areas. The furnace lays on the inward spread with clay fiber fixing in the middle. The internal spread lies on the base with neoprene seal in the middle of for making the inward chamber gas tight.

Advantages of this equipment are the amazing positive seal among furnace and base, and can be utilized with numerous bases.

Bell furnaces can be provided for temperature ranges from 900º F to 2,200º F to play out the accompanying procedure applications for iron castings and steel parts:

* Forging/Producing
* Ferrous Castings
* Aluminum
* Stress Relief Furnace
* Cylinder/Tube, Rod and wire
* Different applications
* Electrical (Transformers and Motors)


Bell annealing furnaces are utilized for the most requesting annealing of coiled wires and sheets, just as of little forgings and pressings made of steel and nonferrous metals. Because of its design, the furnace will permit heat treatment inside a wide scope of temperature bends, regularly up to 850 °C (charge temperature).

The upside of these furnaces is that bright annealing can be done with a wide scope of materials on account of the defensive climates utilized. Other than its standard nitrogen defensive environment, the furnace can likewise be worked under 100% hydrogen air.

A single furnace unit will for the most part contain:

* Two bases – an exceptionally proficient dissemination fan is incorporated with such stands
* Two protective covers – used to seal the space with the charge and defensive gas, isolating this space from the warmed space
* One heating bell with a gas-fired or electrically-fired heating framework
* One cooling bell for exceptional charge cooling after annealing

These bell furnaces are typically provided with marked defensive brings forth that offer expanded convection surfaces, yet in addition any longer assistance life in requesting activity in cycles. For speedy subcooling of the charge, the cooling bell, the structure of the defensive spread and the furnace bases are planned and worked for water-cooling of the defensive spread by a water shower.


* Bell furnaces  are used in iron and steel industry: steel wire bright annealing, spheroid annealing of low-alloy wire coil, steel strip annealing, spheroid and bright annealing of medium / low high-carbon steel, stainless steel, chromium, chromium-nickel steel, special alloys of nickel, iron and chromium, heat treatment of metal balls, normalization, tempering.
* In the aluminum industry:  for hardening, annealing of aluminum foil, secondary heat treatment.
* In copper industry: bright annealing of wires, pipes, metal grids, sheets, copper and thermal processing of light metal alloys.

A bell furnace has become the need of the industry if any of your method or application require an enclosed atmosphere. They are not for handling small batches and is highly demanded in some particular plants. They are known for their applications like:

* Black and Bright Annealing of Steel strips.
* Annealing of Steel Wire.
* Spherodized Annealing of Steel Wire.
* Normalizing/ stress reliving of steel castings.
* Annealing of copper and aluminum products.
* Decarburizing of stampings

* Solubilisation of coils
* Wires
* Stainless steel or steel rods
* And annealing of sheet metal or wire rolls.

1. Temperature control: twenty-stage program and logic controller includes 19 configurations and can accurately and completely control the temperature. Durable inner coating of the furnace provides high-quality thermal insulation. High heating and cooling rates are achieved due to excellent thermal insulation properties of the ceramic fibers and conductivity.
2. Type of heating: electric, gas. Temperature curve is adjusted by the operator.
3. Atmospheric monitoring: atmosphere: N2, H2, endothermic gas. Mixed endothermic and enriched gas is used to increase the amount of carbon emitted and the process of decarbonization. Always maintain an effective, stable, high-speed process gas convection.
4. Operating system: 10 pre-programmed regimes of temperature management. Automatic ignition management. All production processes are controlled on screencomputer.
5. Air cooling, air cooling system management.
6. The quality and performance.
7. No pollution, no emissions.
8. Early warning system: Emergency gas valve is activated automatically when the gas pressure reaches extreme high or low standards. The system warns and stops accessory power. Prevention and control of temperature automatically. The system also prevents any leaking gas.

* Longer service life
* Maximum performance
* Easy to operate
* Sturdy Construction for continuous operation
* These can be provided with ceramic fibre insulation or vacuum formed board with ROB type heating elements.This arrangement gives faster heating & cooling.
* Heating by Electric or oil or gas.
* Uniform heating.
* Excellent control via Digital PID controller & Thyrsitorised heater control.
* SS retort are corrugated to give long life.

A bell furnace is fundamental when the industrial process for which it is being utilized requires an encased air. There are various types of bell furnaces in the market, and the procedure for which the furnace is required could be carburising, ferritic nitro carburising (FNC) or gas delicate nitriding (NSF). In any case, we should comprehend that all bell furnaces are not developed in the very same manner. These furnaces are required when the modern remaining burden is exceptionally high in that specific plant or manufacturing plant. They don't deal with little clusters. While they may share that ringer shape practically speaking, they may all fueled in a few distinct manners. We will currently investigate the various types of bell furnaces so as to explain this issue.

As referenced above, there are a few distinct types of bell-type furnaces accessible. All have their positive and negative focuses. The types of bell furnaces, whenever alluded to the heating process, are the following:

Furnaces which are fueled by power are regularly thought to be more power productive than gas- controlled electric furnaces. This might be the situation. Be that as it may, the thought to introduce gas or electrical fueled furnaces are regularly spurred by contemplation's other than the setting aside of cash. The procedure which will be done is the principle thought.

This is commonly viewed as less proficient than an electrically fueled furnace yet as referenced over, the selection of gas-controlled or electrically controlled furnaces comes down to the sort of procedure for which the chime furnace is required. Contingent upon the procedure, gas or power might be better.

In the event that this component is available, at that point the furnace is progressively financial and less defenseless to heat misfortune. Which makes the item progressively productive and financially savvy. Which is better both for the earth and for the client.