Traditionally for many decades and even today, international bell furnace manufacturers deploy continuous purging of cracked ammonia, throughout the annealing cycle, to avoid decarburisation. This being an expensive process, involving not only consumable costs like ammonia, cracker catalysts etc, but also this involves a good amount of instrumentation associated with the system including expensive maintenance.

Precons, by its innovative technology, has successfully developed cracked hydro carbon gas purging system, only for a few hours as against continuous purging of cracked ammonia, thus cutting down enormous expenditure in each cycle and practically nil maintenance achieving almost nil decarburisation, after annealing.

Each bell furnace installation comes with state of the art temperature and Thyristor control systems and user friendly PLC and Scada display panels. We bring forth an excellent collection of Bell Furnace. Our given bell furnace is manufactured from the top notch factor inputs and cutting edge technology in order to meet the international quality standards. Our offered bell furnace is accessible in numerous specifications as per the variegated needs of customers. As well, our valuable customers can avail this bell furnace from us at industry leading rates in a given time frame.

    Features :
  • Easy to operate
  • Hassle-free performance
  • Maintenance free

    Specifications :
  • Temperature: 800°C
  • Capacity: 5 Ton to 25 Ton



We are one of the principle makers of Bell Type Furnaces, which are used in various endeavors where things are made like wires, malleable tossing and ferrous and non-ferrous things. Extent of Bell type A annealing Furnaces joins Bell Type Annealing Furnace, Stress Relieving Furnace, Laboratory Muffle Furnaces and Solution and Pusher Type Forging Furnaces. We are busy with gathering a wide extent of Bell Furnaces. We use current headways and equipment for the route toward amassing these things. Our things are basically featured with well-built state and better execution. These things are used in various organizations for changed purposes. Open in various subtleties these Hearth radiator can similarly be particularly created by the clients essentials.

Applications Of Bell Furnace:

A bell furnace has become the need of the industry if any of your method or application require an enclosed atmosphere. They are not for handling small batches and is highly demanded in some particular plants. They are known for their applications like :

* Annealing of steel strips
* Annealing of steel wires
* Normalizing steel castings
* Decarburising of stamp

Feature Of Electric Bell Furnaces:

* Sturdy Construction for continuous operation
* These can be provided with ceramic fibre insulation or vacuum formed board with ROB type heating elements. This arrangement gives faster heating & cooling.
* Heating by Electric or oil or gas.
* Uniform heating.
* Excellent control via Digital PID controller & Thyrsitorised heater control.
* SS retort are corrugated to give long life.