We are renowned Ageing Furnace manufacturers and specially manufactured in accordance with the international guidelines to meet the end requirements of the industry. Type of Ageing Ovens: Double Bogie Heath construction. Application: Ageing of AAAC conductors and annealing of aluminium alloy wire loaded on drums. Salient Features:

  • Max. 200˚C for ageing and 400˚C for annealing
  • Temperature uniformity within +/- 5 ˚C
  • Master-slave control with programmable master controller to achieve close temperature uniformity


    Furnace annealing is a process used in semiconductor device fabrication which consist of heating multiple semiconductor wafers in order to affect their electrical properties. Heat treatments are designed for different effects.

    How does an annealing furnace work?

    An annealing furnace works by heating an annealing furnace above its recrystallization temperature and then cooling once the sample has been maintained at this temperature for a suitable amount of time. ... Recrystallisation occurs as the sample cools down.

    Feature Of Wire Annealing Furnaces:

    * For continuous operation Robust Construction is provided.
    * Furnace can be provided with ceramic fibre insulation or vacuum formed board with ROB type heating elements. This arrangement gives faster heating & cooling.
    * Uniform heating.
    * Excellent control via Digital PID controller & Thyrsitorised heater control.

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    Annealing is a heat treatment process that completely alters the chemical or physical both the properties of a metal and reduces its hardness. A furnace is required to complete the process and the one which is used for the same is considered as Annealing Furnace. It has a very strong construction which makes it ideal to use in all the conditions. Every sample that undergoes the furnace has its own heating requirement and therefore, it is available in different configurations to meet diverse customer needs. It has all the bells and whistles that would make it a worthy investment for your process. If you would like to have more information, feel free to contact us.